Children’s portraits- focusing on hobbies

I love how each and every one of us is special in our own way. My son always has this non committed look on his face but behind those eyes there is always so much more going on. When photographing him I would never try to get him to smile as this is how I know and love him. To do this shoot I wanted him to be as relaxed as possible so that I could capture his authentic self.  What better way than to focus on what he loves to do- basketball.  This portrait session was done by letting him play basketball in the park for about an hour followed by  a short session of photographs. This was without a doubt the easiest portrait session that I have ever done with him and I love that I have captured what I believe to be his real self xx

Portraits based on what children love to do always capture the true essence of who they are and serve as a great piece of your child’s life story.