Brisbane wedding photography- Marguerite and Simon

The wedding of Marguerite and Simon was a  lovely affair that not only celebrated the couples love but also celebrated the amazing relationships that they have with their family and friends.  I sincerely wish this amazing couple every happiness that life can offer and I thank them for the honour of being able to photograph their wedding.

Marguerite recalls her day-

Having known each other since primary school and then reconnecting and
dating since our early 20s it really feels like we’ve grown up together. We
know so much about all the different periods of each others lives.

This made getting ready for the biggest day of my life separated from my
best friend, such an odd experience. I missed him so much all day – all I
wanted to do all day was tell him how my day was going and show him my hair
do and makeup and the beautiful flowers that had arrived. I wanted him to
see my wow when the wedding car arrived!

Then I did see him from different ends of the aisle and gosh I felt
nervous. I just wanted to run down the aisle and embrace him and tell him
how much I’d missed him since I’d seen him last (since 6pm the previous
night!)! And that’s pretty well what I did … from all accounts I walked
down the aisle at speed and when I got there I gave him a sneaky hug and
kiss on the cheek. That took all my nerves away.

The rest of the day was so much fun! With our gorgeous bridesmaid and
handsome groomsman, our families and our close friends around us, we
chatted and laughed and danced the night away.

We’re looking forward to our future together – the best is yet to come!