About Us


Choosing a wedding or portrait photographer can be a daunting experience, so to put your mind at rest let me introduce myself. My name is Lorinda and I am the owner and main photographer of Incite Photographics. I have been photographing weddings for over fifteen years and have been operating in Brisbane for over ten years. For me, before anything else, people matter. It’s the way that I live my life and more importantly to you, it’s the way that I photograph. Wedding and portrait photography to me is about the photo session being an amazing experience, one where you feel fantastic, one where you enjoy time with each other and one where you will be rewarded with beautiful photos that will be shared with generations to come. I respect the great responsibility that my clients hand over to me and I treasure the opportunity to bring joy to peoples lives with the wedding and portrait photography that I provide to them.


You are with your wedding photographer for your entire wedding day so it extremely important that the photographer is pleasant and fun to be around. With over 90% of our bookings coming from referrals we believe that we are doing an amazing job of providing a friendly service.

On the wedding day  your photographer will help and guide you throughout the day. More importantly, if things change, your wedding photographer will be able to adapt easily , diffusing any tension or stress and allowing you to enjoy your day.   During your photo session your photographer will pleasantly guide you, making it easy for you to feel natural and beautiful in front of the camera. This will allow for you, your bridal party, your family and your friends to have a fantastic time during your special day.


Before your wedding day we will sit with you and discuss your plans for the day. We know all the right questions to ask in order to  formulate the best photographic timeplan that fits in with your specific needs. Requested photos, size of bridal party, size of family, travel time, congratulations time and available light plus much more are all considered during the planning process. Due to our fantastic suggestions and planning, on the day of your wedding, the photography sessions will be effortless.


In order to bring depth to and add drama to your wedding images Incite Photographics spends many hours in colour treating all of your photos. We have the vision to know if an image needs to be saturated in order to pop, if it needs to be colour drained and tinted in order to create an old world feel, if it needs to be monochromatic in order to add drama plus much more. We have the expertise to execute our vision, resulting in stunning images that you will treasure for years to come.


At Incite photographics we spend countless hours editing your wedding photos to ensure that we bring out the best in each and every one of your images. Our extensive time combined with our technical expertize will ensure that you are rewarded with wedding photos that you can be extremely proud of. Vignetting, softening of skin, removal of unwanted objects, eye enhancement, sky saturation, density enhancement plus many more editing techniques are all included in our packages.

Once your images are fully edited we provide them to you on USB at high resolution, without water marks. This means that you are able to print, enlarge and copy at your convenience, saving you a lot of expense in the long run.


With all your preperation for your Wedding day there is one thing that you can’t control and that is the weather. We don’t want you to stress about anything on your wedding day. For this reason we want you to know that  we can still get fabulous photos with rainy weather however if you absolutely had your heart set on photos in the great outdoors we will organise a post wedding shoot for you on a different day. A USB of high resolution images from this shoot will be given to you at no extra charge.

The only charges that apply would be

1) in the Brisbane area – parking expenses

2) for outside Brisbane – travel expenses.


At Incite photographics we keep our packages simple and easy to follow so that there are no unwanted hidden catches or nasty suprises. Please do not let our affordable prices fool you – we are a high quality wedding photography business that offers packages at very affordable prices and we offer some of the best value packages available in Brisbane.

We are able to do this for two reasons-

1) We get most of our clients from referals rather than having to pay for expensive marketing campains.

For you this means that not only do you have the reassurance of knowing that our past clients love us but it also means that we can pass the savings on to you.

2) We operate from a home based studio thus keeping our overheads down

For you this means that the savings are passed on to you and that you also get to enjoy a more relaxed and personable service experience.